Breakthrough Training for Combat Lethality.

The Squad Advanced Lethality Training (SALT) program combines an advanced and combat-proven training Program of Instruction (POI) with a high-fidelity virtual environment to provide breakthrough training for individual and small-unit combat lethality.

SALT is the next-generation immersive virtual training solution for close-combat soldiers and squads.

The program was born out of (former) Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis’ concept of soldiers facing 25 bloodless battles before ever facing combat. Soldiers can employ an armory of realistic tetherless, simulated weapons in high fidelity, virtual all-weather and any-terrain scenarios, while receiving advanced and combat-proven instruction and biometric feedback

In partnership with Oak Grove Technologies, Meggitt Training Systems created an advanced Program of Instruction (POI) from the ground up utilizing:

  • 700+ cumulative years of combat and law enforcement experience
  • Research into optimal human cognition and performance
  • Validation from 11,000+ U.S. Soldiers using the SALT training

SALT is an interactive training solution with tetherless weapons offering tailorable individual and collective maneuverability, high fidelity terrain, a variety of target arrays, visual effects (including day, night/night vision, and all-weather), as well as realistic ballistic effects. It combines advanced marksmanship, small unit maneuver, cognitive decision-making, and sophisticated biometric feedback.

Expert Oak Grove instructors deliver a combat-proven training methodology to both individuals and teams, with the ability to tailor the virtual environment and instruction to meet the needs of the trainee.

Weapon Skill Development
SALT provides an immersive individual, crew, and collective weapon skill development training capability that has proven to increase accuracy and lethality.

Use of Force (UoF)
SALT facilitates the application of advanced cognitive recognition, acquisition and engagement of target arrays in a simulated environment able to replicate physical and mental stress.

Battle Drill Training
SALT facilitates team maneuver for collective task training and advanced battle drills.

Training customization

SALT instructors can influence the training environment in real-time through physical, virtual and human factor manipulation.


  • Obstacles
  • Firing Point Modifiers
  • Weapons Stoppages
  • Training Area
  • Layout/Reconfiguration


  • Target Distances
  • Lighting Changes
  • Exposure Times
  • Target Movement
  • Target Appearance
  • Threat Levels


  • Calisthenic Tasks (aerobic/anaerobic)
  • Movement Drills/Requirements
  • Personal Equipment Variation (armor, MOPP, etc.)
  • Cognitive Requirements
  • Information Overload/Denial

Multi-level feedback

Visual Analytics: Trainee trigger squeeze, pressure applied to the weapon buttstock, weapon hold, target acquisition and engagement.

The system

SALT uses Meggitt Training Systems’ FATS® 180MIL 3-screen immersive virtual trainer with 180° high definition projection and 5.1 surround sound to increase the realism of training as well as heighten awareness and proper use of force responses. The system includes three borderless screens and fits into almost any space with at least a 10’ tall ceiling. The FATS 180MIL is the same high-fidelity ballistic engine validated by the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps and other military customers. It provides accurate ballistic characteristics in flight and supports and enforces the proper fundamentals of marksmanship.

The FATS 180MIL provides an impressive array of functionality for both instructor and trainee, delivering solid weapon handling and shot placement analytics, patented automatic coaching tools that highlight trainee results for reinforcement or correction, and enhanced graphic capabilities for an all-encompassing immersive training platform. The system’s ultra-short throw projectors provide the user greater freedom of movement within the training space while displaying stunning visuals in a 180°environment, while the Low-Light Subsystem allows users to practice in simulated low-light conditions with both hand-held and weapon-mounted flashlights.

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