Motion Integrated Training System (MITS)

Crew simulators: Configured for naval, convoy and gunnery training.

The MITS puts InVeris’ Small Arms Trainer expertise on the move via a Motion Platform System. Available in large, mid and compact sizes, this system simulates real-world movement of waterborne vessels and land-based vehicles. It can train up to ten military personnel simultaneously on basic and advanced individual small-arms marksmanship and weapon-handling skills, as well as crew training and collective (team) tactical training.

The Motion Platform System consists of two major components: a FATS® virtual system and a Motion Platform Module that is available with large, mid-size and compact motion platforms. With additional modules, the simulator can replicate vessels, helicopters and various wheeled vehicles. Available weapon simulators range from pistols to 20mm cannons. It is also possible to support vessel radar training, navigation training and vessel handling.

  • The Motion Integrated Training System (MITS) supports both individual and crew training for boat/vehicle handling and weapons training.
  • Individual and crew training is achieved by combining the features and benefits of a FATS virtual system with a motion platform to provide greater realism and value in training.
  • Motion platforms systems simulate real-world movement of both waterborne vessels and land-based vehicles.
  • MITS solutions are available in a variety of packages, from small single-platform configurations to multi-platform ones that are synchronized and offer command, control and communications functions for leadership training.

Immersion in the action: train like you fight. Coupled with vehicle or vessel motion, a wide panoramic display system and scenario sounds immerse trainees in a threatening environment. InVeris MITS delivers this immersion in ways that meet your needs:

  • A wide range of training engagements via our libraries of computer-generated 3D terrains, models and scenarios.
  • Various configurations to replicate sea vessels and various wheeled land vehicles.

Boat simulatorsSupport bridge maneuvering training, gunner training, radar training, and command and control training. InVeris Boat Simulators realistically simulate boat motion, including maneuvering and reaction to various sea states and waves created by other vessels. We can even provide realistic bridge mockups, mounted on the motion platform.

Vehicle simulators: Support driver training, vehicle commander training, turret gunner training and crew training. Your vehicle crew can train in a wide variety of scenarios provided for the system, using VBS for realistic movement through the terrain. The crew can engage hostile forces, with coordinated maneuvering, weapon firing and communication, and gunners can fire from the turret.

Simulated weapons: The advantage of true-to-life function.  Our large inventory of BlueFire weapon simulators prepare the trainees for real-life threats. If you need a weapon that is not in InVeris’ inventory, we can develop the new weapon simulator types for use on your vehicle or vessel trainer.

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