Mortar Simulator

Indirect Fire: Precision and accuracy with three mortar simulators.

InVeris offers three mortar simulators for the best, most realistic indirect fire training exercises. They include:

  • M224 60MM Mortar Simulator
  • M252 81MM Mortar Simulator
  • 120MM Mortar Simulator

Replicating the call for fire. Each mortar includes three each of High Explosive (HE), White Phosphorous (WP) and Illumination (ILLUM) simulated rounds and uses CFE bipods that have been modified for use on the system.

Positioning the simulator. InVeris’ mortar simulators do not require a direct line of sight with the SAT projection screen in indirect fire mode.

The role of the Forward Observer (FO) and crews. To enhance training value and gunnery skills, a Forward Observer (FO) or squad commander will view the small-arms training scenario. The FO makes calls for fire and on-going adjustments, based on target location and placement of the round impact. A crew member will perform the Fire Direction Center (FDC) function and can use any methodology of plotting.

Realistic recoil and ballistics. The mortar simulators provide enough recoil to disturb the operator’s perspective, requiring the trainee to achieve a properly aligned or compensated sight picture during each adjustment. In addition, the mortar realistically simulates weapon ballistics for each simulator and round type, with scaled aiming posts provided.

After-Action Review. To provide follow up results for credible training, InVeris’ After-Action Review includes deflection, elevation and round details for every round fired, as well as visual representation on where rounds landed.

Optional features for added realism. InVeris offers add-ons to give crews heightened realism:

  • Binoculars. The Forward Observer (FO) can use binoculars for sighting threats and confirming crew reactions. InVeris has optimized the binoculars for the firing line distance of the SAT and they include built-in reticle patterns (either Commonwealth or U.S. versions) for measurement.
  • Laser Rangefinder. Optional simulated laser rangefinders can be provided for use by the FO during training.

You can easily integrate InVeris mortar simulators into the FATS 100MIL system. Scalable to your needs, each system provides comprehensive preparation and valuable instruction for combat readiness.

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