FATS® 180MIL Virtual Training System

Put users in the action, facing realistic pressures while maintaining situational awareness.

Today’s troops need to be ready for the unexpected threat, coming at any time from any direction. That’s why we designed the FATS 180MIL to deliver 180-degree, high-definition projection and 5.1 surround sound: to increase the realism of training, heightens awareness and ensure proper use-of-force responses. In addition, the three borderless screens fit conveniently into almost any space with at least a 10-foot-tall ceiling.

Military validation. The FATS 180MIL offers the same high-fidelity ballistic engine validated by the US Army, US Marine Corps and other defense customers, including military police. The system meets military requirements for accurate ballistic characteristics in flight and enforcement of proper fundamentals of marksmanship.

The right equipment for fully immersive training: 3D marksmanship and judgmental training. InVeris has given attention to every detail to create the optimal realistic user experience:

  • Marksmanship flexibility to hone precision according to your protocols.
  • Judgmental training to strengthen situational awareness and improve decision-making.
  • Familiar weapon simulators that trainees appreciate.
  • Judgmental and Marksmanship Courseware.
  • Hit detection system.
  • Ultra-short throw projectors for greater freedom of movement.
  • Low-light subsystem (optional).
  • Easily transportable rack.
  • Realistic 5.1 surround sound.
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