BlueFire® and tethered weapon simulators

Wireless BlueFire: Maintaining the freedom, form, fit and function of the original weapon.

BlueFire weapons offer the same control as tethered weapons, but with full range of motion. The After-Action Review (AAR) allows engagement and shot assessment in a 3D virtual environment, while providing detailed trainee diagnostics for skill reinforcement or correction.

A continually expanding firearms library for your training essentials.
BlueFire versions are available for Glock 17, Glock 17 Gen4, Glock 19, Sig P226, Sig P229, Beretta M9, S&W M&P 9 and 40, H&K G36E, M4, M16A2/A4 and SRS Rifle (M16 type) simulators. With over 300 BlueFire weapon variants available, InVeris has the firearm simulator you need for your trainees.

Less lethal weapon simulators
Less lethal tactical firearms training is offered through X26 Taser® and chemical (OC) spray wireless simulators. These training accessories are supported with specialized courseware.

Recoil and refill
Weapon recoil is achieved with a rechargeable magazine of compressed gas, delivered via a proprietary fill station. Magazines are refilled in just a few seconds with either compressed air or nitrogen. Our filling station is designed to accept any of our BlueFire magazines and refill each one with a quick depression of the handle.

These patented weapon simulators can be used in conjunction with other tethered weapon simulators without modification.

Tethered simulated weapons: Matching military requirements.

Military training requirements have guided the building of InVeris’ BlueFire tethered weapon simulators. As a result, trainees are assured their simulated weapons closely correspond to experiences in the field:

  • Judgmental training systems tolerances that are within 10% of live weapon weight and center of gravity.
  • Provides the highest degree of weapon control and feedback.
  • Provides reinforcement of the fundamentals of marksmanship training through butt pressure, trigger squeeze and cant sensors along with muzzle trace.
  • Maximizes training potential by fitting with optics.

InVeris Training Solutions supports many virtual weapon systems worldwide, including pistols, rifles, machine guns and shotguns. We can convert any weapon type into a use-of-force simulator to meet your marksmanship training needs.

Other weapon simulators
InVeris offers X26 Taser® and chemical (OC) spray simulators. We support these additional training accessories for military police, with specialized courseware.

Recoil and refill
Tethered weapons achieve recoil with compressed air or CO2 gas, providing sufficient recoil to disturb the trainee sight picture, requiring the trainee to reacquire the target after each shot. Air is delivered through a tether connected to an air source (i.e., air tank or compressor).

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