Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV) trainers

Prepare your armored crews for the battlefield.

InVeris Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV) trainers provide advanced simulation capabilities to train crews in acquisition, identification and weapons engagement procedures. Training encompasses both primary and alternate fire control and sighting systems. Our targets and scenarios prepare combatants for every situation they might encounter: Mobile and stationary interactive threats in single and multiple target arrays, in a realistic battlefield environment during day, night and reduced visibility conditions.

Combat readiness through all levels of fidelity. InVeris’ AFV Trainers support both individual and collective levels of gunnery and tactical training. Soldiers can thus practice scenarios they normally face in combat situations. A broad spectrum of tailored training options allows users to maximize resources and optimize combat readiness. To meet your needs, InVeris offers:

  • High Fidelity
  • Medium Fidelity
  • Low Fidelity

Feedback for All AFV Trainers: After-Action Review Process.  InVeris’ AFV trainers allow capture of key data and events for playback and debriefing purposes and include:

  • The Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) Desktop Trainer
  • The Remote Weapon Station (RWS) Desktop Trainer
  • The Embedded Trainer (ET)
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