VR-DT “Verdict” – Virtual Reality

The verdict is in: Virtual Reality for the most realistic training.

VR-DT (“Verdict”) brings you virtual reality from the world’s most experienced provider of simulation training systems. Our decades of working with agencies have taught us that users and instructors want more than the latest technology in their VR system. They want a system that will adapt to their exact needs. Flexibility is key.

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable 3D experience. InVeris designed VR-DT to be convincing. HTC Vive Pro Eye Wireless Headsets with impressive 360-degree fields of view literally put trainees in the action, naturally, in real-to-life, believable ways to produce a visceral reaction. 

Match VR-DT to your users and locations. VR-DT combines advanced hardware and scalable software to meet your requirements.

Choose VR content that fits your curriculum and stays current. InVeris has translated its successful simulation capabilities into a robust 3D VR platform. The VR-DT offers a comprehensive video content library for all applications, from use-of-force, de-escalation or active shooter, to person-in-crisis response. Each scenario offers a wide variety of branched outcomes. We create all content in conjunction with our law enforcement, first responder, correctional and military police partners. And we release new content each month. We can also customize scenarios to place the trainee in specific environments, such as:

  • Office or business parks
  • Schools with single or multiple entry points, as well as a single hall with classrooms
  • A multitude of street options, including urban, rural, highway, etc.
  • Inside and outside of houses
  • Park and picnic areas
  • Jail or prison blocks
  • Military bases

Request a situation and it’s likely we have a matching environment. In addition, we offer:

  • Push to Talk (PPT) for real time conversations and commands.
  • Scenario authoring by you—to fit your area, your community and your requirements.
  • After Action Review for precise instructor feedback.
  • Turnkey development, production, installation, training and 24/7 support.
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