Law Enforcement instructor and operator training

Comprehensive training for basic and advanced instruction.

Basic training is available with the purchase of any training simulator. For customers that currently have systems, but experience operator turnover, refresher courses covering installation level training are available. During this phase, InVeris instructs your trainees how to set up and operate the system in all modes, troubleshooting problem and conducting user-level maintenance. Users also learn how to remove, repair or replace components and install replacement parts.

Advanced training: Expanding training topics to encompass broader system capabilities. Directed by our staff of skilled trainers, these courses can be tailored to meet user needs. Typical advanced topics include the design, planning and creation of scenarios and courses of fire; selecting scenes from a library; programming actions, preparing and transferring scenarios and courses of fire for operators.

InVeris Training Solutions also offers courses to train our customers’ own trainers or instructors in the system features and capabilities, so they can better tailor their program of instruction to their training requirements using our systems.

Refresher training: Get the most out of your InVeris system. We provide the following instruction, including a Two, Three and Five-Day Refresher Operator and Instructor Course.

The Three-day Refresher in Video Authoring Training. Trainees will spend most of the time working on the authoring station under the supervision of the instructor. The course includes an overview of hardware and software; plan/create video scenarios; using a digital camera; author/edit videos; create video branches/loops; apply scoring zones.

To ensure that each trainee gets enough hands-on training on the Authoring Station during the course, InVeris restricts the number of trainees to five per authoring station. In class sizes larger than ten students, additional instructors will be required.