Immersion in 5 screens: A 300° field of view puts you in the action.

InVeris’ FATS 300LE delivers true-to-life comprehensive training, geared to the wide variety of situations officers face. Trainees will improve their reaction time under simulated dangerous situations, sharpening their judgment and decision-making skills.

Comprehensive training. Improve your officer’s judgment with de-escalation of force situations, and sharpen marksmanship skills when lives depend on it.

  • Achieve greater accuracy with a vivid 3D marksmanship environment. Using built-in authoring, the instructor can create realistic specialized courses of fire with available system assets, from terrains to 3D paper targets.
  • Improve judgmental skills with high-definition video scenarios. Trainees move through realistic conflict situations and impending threats in a 300-degree immersive environment. It drives home proper use-of-force skills and threat assessment abilities in rapid pace situations.

Realistic, wireless BlueFire® simulators. The FATS 300LE supports up to 20 simulated law enforcement weapons systems at the same time, including rifles, pistols, machine guns, Taser and chemical spray. The system tracks weapon movement to provide trainers with detailed information for post-action reports.

High-fidelity ballistics and hit detection. Five digital cameras interface directly to the same Off-CPU real-time (OCR) processor used by the FATS 100LE system for an easy upgrade path.

5.1 surround sound heightens realism.  Using the directional sound effects board, the instructor can add in unsettling sounds from any direction. 

Options to make your training even more realistic. InVeris offers several options to enhance your FATS 300LE experience:

  • Low-Light Subsystem allows users to practice in simulated low-light conditions with both hand-held and weapon-mounted flashlights.
  • Lookback cameras lets the instructor see the trainee from a front screen perspective and record a video to be shown in After-Action Review (AAR) as a Picture-in-Picture (PIP) overlay. Displaying the PIP on the main screen, the instructor can then help the student through visual coaching.
  • An unlimited number of additional handheld or weapon-mounted flashlights beyond the flashlight included with the system.
  • The Hostile Fire System, which fires foam pellets and forces the trainees to use cover and concealment.
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