Three screen immersion: A 180° field of view for superior training

Today’s law enforcement officers need to be ready for the unexpected threat, coming in any situation, from any direction. That is why we designed the FATS 180LE to deliver true-to-life, 180-degree, high-definition projection and 5.1 surround sound. The system not only increases the realism of training, but also heightens awareness and proper use-of-force responses. In addition, the three borderless screens fit conveniently into almost any space with at least a 10-foot-tall ceiling.

Two modes: Marksmanship and judgmental. In addition to convincing, true-to-life training, the FATS 180LE supports both 3D marksmanship and judgmental modes:

  • 3D Marksmanship mode for vivid, realistic engagement with close and distant targets.
  • Judgmental mode for heightened situation awareness and intense de-escalation of force training.

The FATS 180 LE: 3D marksmanship and judgmental training. InVeris has given attention to every detail to create the optimal realistic user experience:

  • Three screens provide action on all sides.
  • A full array of training courseware.
  • Three digital camera hit-detection system.
  • Ultra short-throw projectors.
  • Low-Light Subsystem (optional).
  • Easily transportable rack.
  • 5.1 realistic surround sound.
  • Supports up to 20 simulated weapons.
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