FATS® 100P

The portable virtual trainer: Anywhere. Anytime. On the go.

With the FATS 100P, you can easily transport the system from headquarters to stations for rapid, on the go training. In addition, with community concerns about law enforcement training on the rise, the mobility of the equipment makes it suitable for presentations and demonstrations at civic events. InVeris has carefully designed the FATS 100P to provide unprecedented portability for the benefits you expect. Both trainee and instructor will appreciate these customer-focused tools:

Video-based judgmental training. Officers can quickly assess a situation and interact with individuals using proper verbal commands and perishable skills training: 250+ video scenarios and more than 1,250 branching options are available.

Integrated Video Authoring. Instructors can create, edit, score, load and run customer videos locally filmed in familiar locations.

Weapon handling and non-lethal options. Up to six weapon simulators can be used at the same time, including BlueFire® wireless weapons, Dvorak or laser insert weapons, Tasers® and chemical spray.

Marksmanship instruction and reviews. Our patented Automatic Coaching combines weapon sensor and shot results data, highlighting errors on the system laptop, displaying these errors with links to corrective video clips and customer-integrated training manuals..

A compact simulator offering 3D marksmanship, the FATS 100P supports display of courses, processing and storage of course data, real-time instructor monitoring of course and weapon feedback data, display of course results, replay of shots, and the ability to store trainee results in the student database. Furthermore, up to five users can train simultaneously, or one to five lanes can be used for individualized and customized exercises.

Portable, light and easy to operate. The FATS 100P fits into two rugged hand-carry cases the size of a large range bag for easy transportation, set-up and operation by one person. The training courses feature a unique video authoring suite, enhanced User Unified Interface (UUI), automatic coaching, and a 360° soundboard, all on an easily transportable laptop. You can pack this powerful package into the trunk of your squad car and go.

A target library for custom drills. The instructor can create custom drills reaching over 800 meters, providing the most ballistically accurate training on any simulator available to law enforcement.

Multiple environments with the ability to fire in both day and night settings. A flashlight option allows the user to turn any daytime course of fire into a low-light course.

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