FATS® 100LE virtual system

A new level of marksmanship and judgmental training

The FATS 100LE represents the best of two worlds: simulation firearms training that meets the rigorous standards of military forces, modified for law enforcement needs. The FATS 100LE offers both marksmanship and judgmental courses with the convenience of a wireless tablet, allowing instructors to monitor sessions and apply critical feedback.

Enhanced accuracy with 3D marksmanship training. InVeris provides the tools you need for qualification and continued training:

  • Photorealistic 3D terrain with a library of indoor and outdoor environments
  • Perspective-correct target rendering for each simulated shooting range lane
  • An extensive library of LE targets
  • Multiple pistol, rifle and shotgun qualification courses preloaded into the system, plus enhanced 3D range qualification COF [Course of Fire] design tool
  • Ability to affect environmental conditions: rain, snow, wind and temperature, as well as the time of day to facilitate dawn and dusk training
  • Low-visibility flashlight training mode (optional)
  • True weapon ballistics per weapon type

Improved use-of-force decision-making with scenario-based judgmental training. Officers can participate in vivid use-of-force video scenarios with branching capabilities, subject to your decisions, pre-loaded on the system:

  • Up-to-date extensive library included with escalation-of-force branching scenarios and accompanying court decisions
  • Instructor-controlled scenario branching
  • System can detect lethal, nonlethal, near miss and missed shots inclusive of branching
  • Less lethal alternatives like Taser® and chemical spray supported in the video training application
  • Ability to add a scenario playlist

BlueFire weapons: Match the look, feel and action of the field. Our patented BlueFire® wireless pistols, rifles, shotguns and virtual accessories, and tethered weapons react just like the original weapon.

Enhanced diagnostics: Intelligent automatic coaching. During the After-Action Review (AAR), instructors can show trainees all aspects of their performance from shot to “hit or miss.”

The FATS 100LE: The world’s most proven virtual training system. Millions of dollars have been invested in R&D to create the gold standard in simulated weapons training. InVeris virtual systems are the program of record for allied forces around the world. No one else in the virtual training industry has this type of military-proven technology, advancements and enhancements available for your law enforcement agency.

Dedicated support: From on-site installation and training to on-call global customer service. InVeris personnel ensure that the industry’s most sophisticated small-arms simulator remains ready to keep your training going every day.

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