Realistic video scenarios: Train for the most demanding situations.

Courseware gets to the heart of law enforcement training: the physical and mental preparation for today’s toughest challenges. Available in marksmanship, judgmental or customized video training solutions, InVeris will work with you to develop training courses that fit your needs.

Marksmanship lanes courseware: Honing skills for when it counts. Lanes courseware supports traditional range courses used for marksmanship training:

  • Design your courses. An embedded lanes authoring capability enables you to create unique firearms qualification courses through the selection of various range backgrounds and targets.
  • Import imagery. You can also import image files of new targets and backgrounds to be used in virtual firearms training courses.

Video courseware: Judgmental training for law enforcement, military police and correctional institutions. More than 250 scenarios allow an officer to analyze a situation and respond accordingly. The instructor views a list of possible outcomes or branching options and can tailor the outcome based on training objectives or adjust to differing trainee responses. In addition, an integrated video authoring station enables instructors to create new scenarios to support specific training objectives.

InVeris offers a comprehensive set of video courseware to prepare officers to respond effectively while adhering to department protocol, with scenarios involving home invasion, off-duty, patrol encounters, use-of-force and lessons learned.