Law Enforcement Virtual

How to make sure your officers can handle any situation when it counts.

Only InVeris integrates virtual with live-fire system to give you realistic, total training solutions.

From use-of-force judgment to active shooters to officer safety, the task of doing the right thing has never been harder. As a result, law enforcement agencies are calling for more and better training solutions, now. Fortunately, you have an ally, proven in thousands of systems around the world. InVeris understands your changing real-world requirements. More importantly, we’re the only company in the industry to deliver both simulation training systems, as well as indoor and outdoor live-fire shooting range solutions.

The value of simulation: improving response. Incidents continue to lead communities and media to question the decisions of law enforcement professionals. Scenarios-based virtual training can prepare your officers for responding to challenges they might encounter anytime, anywhere: Active shooters. Resistant suspects. Ambush-style attacks. Encounters with those displaying signs of mental illness. Even the complex issues of racial bias. InVeris Firearms Training Systems (FATS®) provides the technology, law enforcement expertise and support that prepares your officers for these situations … with a ROI measured in lives saved and community controversies avoided.

The heritage of proven systems: More than 35 years of advancing simulation. No company can match our heritage of simulation experience through Firearms Training Systems. We continue to innovate in every area of training: from use-of-force training, including non-lethal options, to enhanced marksmanship accuracy and precise feedback. Not surprisingly, Federal, state, local and international Law Enforcement agencies. around the world turn to our simulation systems to complement live-fire training. Officers today cannot simply rely on fixed firing lines and paper targets to meet today’s demanding requirements.

Simulation training equipment: end-to-end customer focus. InVeris develops, manufactures, installs and supports simulation training systems for law enforcement, Military LE/Security forces and security agencies worldwide. We specialize in integrating commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software products into realistic training systems for our FATS line of products, which encompass the primary concerns of your officers:

  1. The entire spectrum of suspect interaction: Positive verbal communication, situational awareness, threat identification, lethal and less lethal options, and overall use of force and de-escalation training.
  2. Low light/no light situations
  3. Cover and concealment
  4. Weapon handling with our BlueFire® wireless weapon simulators, which maintain the form, fit and function of the officer’s own weapon.

Our installed base speaks for itself. To date, we have fielded more than 5,100 simulation training systems and 40,000 laser-based tactical firearm simulators (including 300 types of weapons) deployed in more than 130 countries.