Virtual Training

For more than 35 years, our simulation technologies have prepared the world’s militaries and law enforcement agencies for real-world experiences.

Today, InVeris is taking virtual training to the next level.

Back in 1984 at the dawn of the Information Age, FATS® became the world’s first company to introduce interactive firearms training simulators for law enforcement and the military. During the past four decades, InVeris’ FATS technology has evolved to make a difference for end users.

  • Our revolutionary FATS 100MIL brings confidence and enhanced skills to global military.
  • The portable FATS 100P extends the reach of simulation training for law enforcement officers and the communities they serve with equipment that’s easy to transport, set up and operate.
  • The immersive FATS 300 training system delivers state-of-the art, 300-degree, five-screen technology that helps meet the call for better trainees by strengthening judgmental abilities, improving marksmanship and allowing collective action.
  • The flexible FATS 180 provides a flexible 3-screen smaller footprint to meet the spatial needs of many agencies.
  • The patented BlueFire® weapon simulators ensure realistic, weapons handing by using wireless technology to communicate with the system hardware, all while maintaining accurate weight, balance, recoil and real-time diagnostics.

The return on investment: Saved lives, missions accomplished. It’s difficult to assess the value of improved training. Military forces and law enforcement officers must operate in ever-changing, hostile conditions, in which change can happen in less than a second. Their lives and those of others depend on understanding the situation and making the correct response. Within this demanding environment, their actions must spring from composure and intelligent responsiveness. By giving them advanced experience, simulations help them respond appropriately in these stressful conditions.

The world’s militaries trust InVeris. FATS military simulation trainers are the system of record for the world’s militaries:

  • US Army
  • US Marine Corps (USMC)
  • United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (UK MOD)
  • US National Guard
  • US Air Force (USAF)
  • Australian Defence Force (ADF)
  • Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)
  • Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)
  • Singapore Army and the Singapore Police Coast Guard
  • … and many more

These military forces appreciate the flexibility of FATS technologies in adapting to their training programs.

Continuing to meet the total training needs of the law enforcement officer (LEO).

InVeris’ law enforcement systems ensure LEOs get experience in real world scenarios:

  • De-escalation and verbal communication training
  • Decision making skills and situational awareness
  • Lethal and less lethal training options
  • Use of force training
  • Empathy training  (Demented persons, Mental illness, suicidal)
  • Marksmanship and weapons handling training (using advanced analytic feedback)

To help the officer, FATS virtual systems come with a huge library of vivid, realistic video scenarios that branch according to response. These scenarios hone muscle memory and ready officers for threatening situations. Behind all these innovations is our understanding of the officer, based on roughly four decades of intense involvement with agencies.

Partner with our leadership to take the next step. InVeris is taking simulation in new directions to serve our customers: Expanding the scope of our offerings. Developing proven, reliable innovations. Incorporating intelligent systems training. That’s how we are serving you now and into the future.