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Get an inside look at some of the gun ranges we've designed, built, and equipped for our discerning clientele all over the world.

The Range in McKinney

The Range in McKinney, Texas is a family friendly environment where anyone can learn how to shoot and how to do it safely.

Range Size
  • 2 bays of 9 lanes
  • 25 yard distance
SafeZone® Stalls
  • Handgun & Rifle rated
  • Etched glass upper panels
  • Multi-color LED lights
Bullet Trap
  • LE7500-OT GranTraps®
Target Carriers
  • XWT-75 Wireless System
Range Control
  • RangeMaster® RM10K
Noise Abatement
  • AFF Foam
Shoot 1
Shoot 2
Shoot 3
Shoot 4
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Get your range done right by the industry leader in live-fire and virtual training solutions. With 95+ years of experience and 15,000+ gun ranges built in 40+ countries around the world, you can be sure that InVeris can meet and exceed your highest expectations for safety, quality, and innovation.

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