SVR 3.0 Training System

Train for your reality. Today.

InVeris Training Solutions’ S-VR 3.0, is an advanced training solution that uses virtual reality (VR) for critical, real-world preparation for de-escalation of force situations.

SVR 3.0 brings the power of virtual reality police training, scenario authoring and simulated weapons to a 3D environment.

Author your own scenarios

SVR allows instructors to create an essentially infinite number of scenarios, including domestic violence, active shooters, suicidal individuals, emotionally disturbed persons, and more.

Scalable and robust

SVR offers enhanced capabilities like dual-screen view and 3D After Action Review (AAR). SVR’s intelligent room calibration also adjusts virtual environments to fit the size of the physical space.

Realistic training for real world training

In addition to providing lifelike training environments, SVR renders a virtual avatar for each trainee’s body so trainees can realistically interact with each other in multi-user experiences. SVR synchronizes the trainees’ virtual position to exactly match their real-world position.

Realistic scenario library, with branching outcomes

From offices to schools, jails, traffic stops and domestics, SVR video content offers all applications, from use-of-force, de-escalation or active shooter, to person-in-crisis response

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SVR 3.0

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