Indoor and outdoor range solutions

Cover and concealment. Low-light conditions. Decision-making skills. Unexpected enemy movements.

When it comes to survivability in harm’s way, training makes a critical difference. That’s why InVeris provides indoor and outdoor range target systems that allow you the flexibility to train at any time, under any conditions.

XWT: The next generation wireless indoor target retrieval systems. We invented the world’s first wireless target carrier the XWT. The next-generation XWT matches conditions your trainees are likely to find in combat, where every second counts:

  • An internal DC motor drive system for indoor configurations.
  • User-friendly, touch-screen controller.
  • Durable rail system for reduced maintenance and smoother operation.
  • 360° target head rotation.
  • Adjustable low-light training that can simulate a muzzle flash.
  • Additional configurations, variable speed operation and an extended arm.

Classic target retrieval systems. The CEE and CEB target carriers are fixed speed, electrically powered trolley wire target systems, operated manually with a forward-stop-return control switch located at the firing line.

Target systems options. Reliable down-range solutions to meet different requirements from basic firearms qualifications courses to tactical training scenarios. Systems also include:

  • Pop-up turning target with hit sensing adds a new element to tactical scenarios with its unique ability to expose from multiple angles with a friend or foe target.
  • Tandem turning targets operate on a single drive unit and expose and conceal precisely in-unison.
  • Electro-mechanical and pneumatic pop-up and turning target systems operate individually, in unison or sequentially, playing an essential part in tactical training.
  • Turning targets with hit sensing, capable of rotating a target up to 360 degrees, providing a realistic environment for specialized training.
  • Running man targets with single or dual targets for engaging moving targets.
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