Entry control point moving target (ECPMT)

Checkpoint breaches, tactical moving targets and security checkpoints.

The InVeris Entry Control Point Moving Target (ECPMT) uses convincing target acquisition situations to present soldiers with a variety of entry control point circumstances. When trainees react, the ECPMT employs state-of-the-art communication and hit sensing to deliver realistic live-fire training responses.

How it works. Shooters face a 3D moving target, replicating an oncoming truck. The vehicle moves on a serpentine track, designed to replicate a vehicle approaching and negotiating zig-zag Jersey barriers.

What it does. The mover detects hits upon the grille area, driver and passenger, and if the driver or grille area is hit, the vehicle comes to a stop.

How you use it. Using scenario scripting, the operator can select different engagement requirements for mission success, ultimately stopping the vehicle and taking it out of commission.

The ECPMT is designed to work stand-alone or integrated into an existing InVeris range. You can fire on the target with ammunition up to .50 caliber.

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