XWT ProImage® Projected Target System

Blend live fire and virtual for a full spectrum of training, games and more.

The future of the shooting range has arrived. The XWT ProImage projected target system brings together live fire with a virtual shooting experience. Users can absorb lessons from virtual scenarios while using their own weapons in a range environment. Simultaneously, customers can choose from games, targets or animations to enhance their shooting range experience. The ProImage goes up and down the rail with the target carrier and can traverse the entire distance, from the start of the shooter’s stall all the way to the end of the track by the bullet trap.

The XWT ProImage attaches a compact video projector and camera system to InVeris’ proven XWT target carrier. Wirelessly connected to a 10-inch lane control unit mounted to the shooting stall, the system projects digital videos and images. You can then upload the imagery onto white paper or cardboard targets. The onboard camera provides a streaming, closeup view of the target for instantaneous feedback.

A better way to engage shooters. Lacking visual interest, typical paper targets can quickly lead to boredom, obviously something no range owner can dare afford. In contrast, the XWT ProImage projects images that involve the user in a dynamic situation. You have an option of computer-generated images or custom-authored live images.

Custom authoring means a shooter can take a photo or movie on their cell phone and use the image the same day. This ground-breaking system provides endless possibilities for target training. Whatever the scenario, image or target you envision, you can create and train on it.

Monitoring and management made easy. Shooters or range operators obtain real-time views of the downrange target image from their display, allowing instant feedback without retrieving targets. Whether the target is close or far away, you can still monitor it. In addition, there is automatic marking of shot locations on images, as well as comparative racking of new shots versus previous shots. You can also manually mark shots on moving targets and images.

The XWT ProImage is easy to set up and a simple addition to any XWT target carrier system. It uses lithium batteries, and with the XWT, docks and charges while in operation. While the XWT ProImage batteries charge in place, they are also “hot-swappable” during high-volume use.

The next big step in virtual and live-fire integration. The XWT ProImage creates the level of realism that instructors and trainees have long been seeking. The shooting range will never be the same again.

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