Target training systems

Target systems for every type of training.

InVeris Training Solutions offers a variety of target retrievers to support your training objectives: From basic law enforcement firearms qualifications courses to tactical training scenarios, InVeris designs and engineers targetry for extensive, comprehensive live-fire training, emphasizing unpredictable situations like concealment and pursuit.

Whether outfitting indoor ranges or large outdoor complexes, our diverse target retrieval systems ensure your live-fire training requirements will be met:

  • The Pop-up Turning Target with hit sensing adds a new element to tactical scenarios. It has a unique ability to expose from multiple angles with a friend-or-foe target.
  • Tandem Turning Targets operate on a single drive unit, exposing and concealing precisely in unison.
  • Electro-mechanical and Pneumatic Pop-up and Turning Target Systems play an essential part in tactical training by working individually, in unison or sequentially.
  • Turning Targets capable of rotating a target up to 360 degrees, provide a realistic challenge for specialized training.
  • Running Man or Pursuit Targets with single or dual targets engage officers in practicing with moving range targets.
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