Target carrier systems

The most trusted target systems from the most advanced live fire company.

Firearms training today is about perceiving and responding to realistic threats with calm and precision. Moving targets. Friend v. foe discrimination. Split-second decision-making skills. Cover and concealment. Low-light situations. InVeris Training Solutions provides a full range of target retrieval systems to meet your requirements and budgets.

XWT Wireless Target Carrier: The most innovative wireless target retrieval system. The XWT target carrier is an efficient, reliable and user-friendly system designed to simplify and streamline time on the range. The XWT was the industry’s first wireless, 360-degree turning target retrieval system, and brings your range the next level of innovation. The quiet, smooth, low-maintenance wireless carrier is easy to operate and programmable, essential for successful training and boasts the following features:

  • More availability, less time charging. A lithium ion battery, with a positive locking battery connection and ergonomic battery placement and replacement, provides a 50% increase in battery capacity. The new charging/docking system improves contact design for faster and more reliable charging. That means more time using the XWT on your range and less time charging it.
  • Brighter and more durable for better action. Programmable distraction lighting integrates red, blue and white LED target lighting with four times the brightness of previous models. The chassis features an enhanced side-cover design for wheel overhead protection and the prevention of brass drivetrain damage. The anti-static wheels eliminate the need for grounding hardware and reduces electrostatic discharge challenges.
  • Less noise to distract the shooter. The XWT moves along a rail system, powered by an internal direct-drive, dual-motor system, with anti-static wheels for quieter, smoother operation. There are also no bulky or noisy drive motors above the shooter’s head.
  • Easier operations and less maintenance. A unique closed-track design provides smooth target transportation. The carrier does not collect lead fragments, casings or other debris. There are no drive cables or pulleys to break or replace, plus there are no track-mounted power feed rails or wires to receive impact and become damaged. It is even less susceptible to debris in its tracks. Overall, the XWT reduces the need to clean the carrier or interfere with target operation.
  • A programmable control for skill set development and effective training. Now you can conveniently program maneuvers and scenarios. Basic and advanced user interfaces support the operator’s preferred courses of fire, whether basic qualifications or more advanced reactive and decision-making shooting exercises, speed control options provide “advance/retreat” training exercises. The easily programmable wireless controller allows uncomplicated, intuitive screen operation. You can locally control targets using either the Lane Controller or the Primary Master Control Computer from the control room.

Note: The XWT Includes a 3/8” AR500 Front Armor Plate Prow. It is fully compliant with electromagnetic CE/EN directives for EMI/EMC.

XCT Target Retrieval System: The ruggedness and stability of a track system with the simplicity of a non-turning target carrier. The XCT target retrieval system is suitable for handguns, submachine guns and shotguns, allowing a full spectrum of training and usage by customer. It can hold a wide variety of targets: From a bull’s-eye to full-size police silhouette.

The XCT target carrier operates on an overhead monorail track, allowing smooth and rapid transport of the target up or down range in increments of feet, yards or meters. Run it via touch-screen controller at the firing line and provide myriad target commands at the touch of a button. You can stop the target carrier at any distance from the firing line through the tablet PC. Your users have flexibility, too. Target holders attached to the target carrier make possible interchangeable offhand, kneeling and prone shooting, and differing types of targets.

The CEE and CEB: Classic gun target retrieval systems. Manually operate our CEE and CEB fixed-speed, electrically powered trolley wire target systems via a forward-stop-return control switch located at the firing line. For off-hand or prone shooting, target holders are provided with the system; also available are wide silhouette holders and other large targets.

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