Range control and A/V communication systems

For safety’s sake, your indoor and outdoor ranges should have the best communications systems available.

Shortcomings in range communication should never stand in the way of safe and effective range operations. That is why InVeris Training Solutions provides options for legacy, current and future indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.

Range Audio and Visual Communications: Partnering with Aiphone® communication systems. With Aiphone, the range operator and shooters can easily communicate with each other. In fact, the operator can monitor changing safety conditions on the range in real time. Options include a digital video remote station or remote audio communications, all with the ability to mix and match up to 11 components to create a customized communication solution that’s right for your range.

The RangeMaster™ 9000 (RM9K) and RangeMaster™ 10K (RM10K) family of devices. RangeMaster is a menu-driven software application developed by InVeris. Enter your target commands with a simple click of the mouse or select them from a drop-down menu on the screen.

  • The RangeMaster 9000 (RM9K) controls targetry, security systems, ventilation and lighting. It allows instructors and range personnel to write and store training scenarios that can be downloaded to an individual control unit at the firing line or operated from a central control booth.
  • The RangeMaster 10K (RM10K) range controller revolutionized range operations by allowing instructors to leave the control room while still retaining complete oversight of the shooting lanes. The RM10K combines touch-screen technology and wireless communication to give instructors unprecedented control from any location in the range. Handheld wireless devices provide the portability to allow instructors full automation of the range while interacting with the shooters at the line. With the RM10K, range operators no longer need to be confined to a control room. That means more time can be devoted to firearms instruction, rather than range management.
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