Bullet traps

We practically invented the modern-day gun range. Our bullet traps are no exception.

The GranTrap™ granulated rubber bullet trap: The best design technology for bullet capture and containment. Our GranTrap’s patented stair-step design uses GranTex™ granulate rubber material to stop incoming rounds. The bullet impacts the soft media and the trap captures it predominately intact, minimizing airborne lead dust, averting backsplatter and ricochet, and reducing impact noise. This means a cleaner, safer environment for indoor shooting ranges, maximizing bullet recovery and recycling processes.

We designed the stainless steel, outdoor GranTrap to withstand harsh environmental conditions, preventing corrosion with extensive exposure to sunlight, heat, moisture or chemicals. A lightweight plastic mesh screen can be added to the GranTrap to captures bullets, advert back spatter and prevent ricochet. It also minimizes broken lead particles and improves noise reduction. In short, the GranTrap safely de-energizes and captures bullets intact, providing little to no lead dust or bullet fragmentation.

The LE 5000 series steel escalator bullet trap: Innovating on a pioneering legacy. Caswell developed the first commercially available steel bullet catcher in the U.S. Today, our field-proven designs include pistol- and rifle-rated steel escalator and venetian blind traps. Building on proven methods and past successes, our engineers and shooters spent more than two years designing and developing a unique trap to accommodate rigorous courses of fire with pistol and rifle rounds. Constructed to set a new standard in projectile containment, the 5000 series surpasses competitors’ traps.

The 5000 series rifle and handgun escalator bullet trap provide a low-cost and low-maintenance solution for indoor and outdoor ranges using fixed firing lines. The impact plates direct bullets into a swirl chamber at the top of the trap for final deceleration. The spent fragments collect in trays for easy cleaning of the bullet trap. Models are available for use with handguns, shotguns, 9mm submachine guns and for ball ammunition fired from high velocity rifles. The 5000 series offers additional features, such as an optional containment system that safely contains all projectiles, fragments and dust, thus limiting the potential exposure of range personnel to airborne lead dust.

Venetian blind bullet trap: Designed for small range space. The venetian blind handgun-rated model LE2400 bullet trap requires only 30 inches of floor space. Constructed with a series of angled baffles, the trap directs incoming rounds into a deceleration chamber. After the trap dissipates their energy, the rounds drop into collection trays. For easy handling, these trays are accessible from the front of the trap. The LE2400 is rated for all handgun, 9mm submachine gun and shotgun ammunition.

Rubber lamella (layer) trap: for crime labs, residential ranges and other low-volume applications. The rubber lamella trap features a patented design of multiple layers of rubber strips, suspended from a steel support frame. Bullet velocity of incoming rounds dissipates and gets absorbed through friction within the lamellas, facilitating capture of the bullet virtually intact.

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