Ballistic ceiling baffles and acoustics

Ensure a safe, noise absorbent, environmentally sound indoor gun range.

To run a safe shooting range, you need to contain projectiles, protect against the injury of people and property damage and minimize ricochet threats. InVeris Training Solutions designs ballistic baffles and guards to contain misdirected shots within the range and maintain ballistic integrity. Our baffles and guards contain or redirect bullets to a safe path of travel by closing off the paths that may allow shots to escape, with engineered placement and designs specific to the facility.

Apply baffles and guards that absorb noise. The best gun range designs always address two primary noise considerations in a shooting range: the sound level within and noise transmission outside of the range. This means covering exposed walls, adding overhead baffles, safety ceilings, shooting stalls and a sound range floor. InVeris’ ballistic baffles and guards absorb indoor gunfire noise, decreasing the sound level within the range and reducing noise transmission outside of the range.

Protect shooters with the Standard Rubber Paver (SRP) floor covering. A bullet striking concrete will normally produce back spatter and, worse, may dangerously redirect to the shooting area. The SRP provides ballistic protection from errant rounds striking concrete floors. It stops a round hitting the SRP flooring and contains it inside the rubber material. Shock and noise absorbent, the slip-resistant SRP panels will not deteriorate and can be used in outdoor locations.

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