It was our pleasure to meet you.

We thank you, the visitors, customers and delegates, for your partnership and attendance.

We appreciate you taking the time to visit our booth at IDEX 2021. InVeris Training Solutions is an industry leader in integrated live fire and virtual training solutions for military forces, law enforcement agencies and commercial shooting ranges around the world.  We employ 400 people in seven countries, with offices in the United States, Australia, Canada, Holland, Qatar, Singapore and the United Kingdom. With its legacy companies, FATS® and Caswell, InVeris Training Solutions has fielded over 15,000 live-fire ranges and 7,500 virtual systems globally during its 90-year history.

Training Products and Systems

While at IDEX, try a demonstration of our FATS® 180MIL virtual training system in the International Golden Group (IGG) Stand #04-C20. The FATS 180MIL provides a 180° immersive training environment with high-definition and 5.1 surround sound. The 180° high-definition projection and 5.1 surround sound increases the realism of training, heightening awareness and proper use of force responses. The FATS 180MIL at IDEX will be complemented by a selection of simulated weapons, including the wireless M249 BlueFire®, M24 Sniper Rifle (Remington 700), M4 BlueFire, Glock 17 BlueFire and AK-47. These InVeris patented BlueFire weapons provide the same form, fit and function of a user’s duty weapon and are available in over 300 weapon variants. The After-Action Review (AAR) allows engagement and shot assessment in a 3D virtual environment, while providing detailed trainee diagnostics for skill reinforcement or correction.

We practically invented the modern-day gun range. Our bullet traps are no exception. Over in Stand #02-A01, InVeris Training Solutions is showcasing live fire products, perfect for your indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. This equipment includes the GranTrap™ granulated rubber bullet trap, the best design technology for bullet capture and containment. The InVeris GranTrap is a patented, stair-step design using GranTex™ granulate rubber material to stop incoming rounds. The bullet impacts the soft media, and the trap captures it predominately intact, minimizing airborne lead dust, averting backsplatter and ricochet, and reducing impact noise. This means a cleaner, safer environment for indoor shooting ranges, maximizing bullet recovery and recycling processes. In short, the GranTrap safely de-energizes and captures bullets intact, providing little to no lead dust or bullet fragmentation.

If you’re looking for a target retriever for your shooting range, the XWT wireless target carrier is the most innovative wireless target retrieval system available on the market. The industry’s first wireless, 360-degree turning target retrieval system, the XWT is a quiet, smooth and low-maintenance, easy to operate and programmable, essential for successful training.

If a flexible and totally mobile firearms training range is what you require, InVeris offers the Road Range™ mobile indoor range ballistically secure, three-position, state-of-the-art live-fire range, the Road Range can incorporate a FATS® virtual system to provide training for less lethal and nonlethal options such as verbal commands, baton, chemical spray and Taser®. Your trainees have a single, flexible and environmentally safe facility for both live fire and virtual firearms training.

For those searching for tactical training, the InVeris Shoot House Optimized for Tactical Training (SHOTT™) brings together live fire and virtual simulation. The SHOTT House prepares users for the tough situations of dense-population warfare: close quarter battle (CQB) and military operations in urban terrain (MOUT). Defense forces and law enforcement agencies will learn all critical skills: forced entry, room navigation and clearing, team tactics, civilian sensitivity and judgmental shoot-or-don’t-shoot engagements.

InVeris has more than 80,000 infantry target systems successfully fielded on 122 military bases around the world. These systems are proven to be reliable and flexible to support both skills qualifications training events and more complex unit collective training events. You can install our deployable infantry range targets on unimproved terrain, in a matter of minutes, with no special equipment required.

Extremely reliable and rugged, our range targets perform in the harshest climates. They do not contain hydraulic fluids, contaminants or hazardous toxins capable of being released into the environment.

The Multi-Function Stationary Infantry Target (MF-SIT) is operated through radio frequency, hardwire or ethernet controls, which allows greater flexibility in range design and usage. The MF-SIT has the unique ability to expose from multiple angles with a friend or foe target. Target movements are precise and dynamic. They respond quickly to commands of expose, conceal, slice and turn in any combination.

The Location of Miss and Hit System (LOMAH) measures the precise time of a bullet’s supersonic shock wave passing over the microphone sensor array, attached below the height of the lifter and encased with ballistic protection. In addition, it offers:

  • Add precise shot scoring to your training: Measure the trajectory and impact of every shot.
  • Tracking the bullet’s location.
  • Immediate feedback for improved marksmanship.
  • Easy and economical to install.

As you can see, InVeris Training Solutions offers a broad array of training products to meet the needs of your -defense force or law enforcement agency. For more information, please contact us at its– or +1-678-288-1090.