Caswell International history

Caswell International is born

Captain Arthur D. Caswell launches Caswell International in response to the lack of safety on firing ranges of the day.

Caswell’s first product, the Caswell Hand Crank target system, is the world’s first target system.

First bullet trap

Caswell invents the world’s first bullet trap.

Indoor gun ranges

As indoor ranges become more prevalent, Caswell leads the development of bullet traps, baffles, dividers and other target systems.

Electronic ranges

Caswell adds electronic equipment to improve range safety.

Training products

Caswell develops the world’s first advanced training products, shoot/no shoot situational training and friend-or-foe range training.

Range ventilation

Caswell leads the development of range ventilation systems to prevent air contamination caused by the lead in the bullets.

Military markets

Caswell expands into both the U.S. and foreign military markets, providing equipment for indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.

Range advancements

Caswell introduces the Road Range™, the world’s first mobile shooting range, and the world’s first indoor, climate-controlled gun range.

First rubber bullet trap

Caswell develops the GranTrap™, the world’s first rubber bullet trap. It’s patented stair-step design ensures maximum round collection.

Meggitt acquires Caswell

Meggitt PLC acquires Caswell International.

Meggitt acquires FATS®

Meggitt PLC acquires Firearms Training Systems, Inc. (FATS®) and combines the FATS/Caswell brands to form Meggitt Training Systems.

SHOTT™ House

SHOTT™ House for training critical skills including forced entry, room navigation and clearing, team tactics and judgmental shoot/don’t shoot engagements.

Entry point training

The first Entry Control Point Moving Target (ECPMT) is introduced, providing realistic live-fire training when a vehicle approaches a typical checkpoint.

XWT Target Retrieval

The XWT, the world’s first wireless, 360° turning target retrieval system is unveiled.

Next generation live-fire

Next Generation Live Fire (NGLF) line of products is introduced, a technological progression of SIT, SAT, MIT and MAT military live fire range systems.

RangeMaster™ Control System

The RangeMaster™ Control System (RMCS) debuts as the industry’s first wireless, full-range control system.

SafeZone™ Stalls

The fully interchangeable SafeZone™ shooting stall is unveiled.

XWT GEN4 Target Retrievers

The XWT GEN4 wireless target carrier is introduced. The new lithium ion battery provides a 50% increase in battery capacity and faster, more reliable charging.

XWT ProImage® Projected Target System

The XWT ProImage goes to market, projecting uploaded digital videos and images onto white paper or cardboard targets.

Pine Island Capital Partners acquires Meggitt Training Systems

Pine Island Capital Partners acquires Meggitt Training Systems and debuts the new company as InVeris Training Solutions.