Officer on the range

Commandment Number 1

Plan with environmental stewardship in mind.

Before you design, build, redesign or modify a shooting range, make sure that it conforms to the highest health and environmental standards.

Commandment Number 2

Ventilate adequately.

Rely on a professional HVAC engineer to design the healthiest air recirculation system that meets current government regulations. Properly designed ventilation systems should remove contaminants such as airborne lead.

Commandment Number 3

Consider rubber media or steel bullet traps.

Consult an expert to learn about the best trap material for your situation.

Commandment Number 4

Educate range users about protective health measures.

Anyone exposed to lead should regularly measure the residue absorbed in his or her bloodstream to prevent lead poisoning.

Commandment Number 5

Recycle lead and other ammunition waste.

Most munitions are not only recyclable, but can thereby return money to a range facility.

Commandment Number 6

Explore phasing out lead bullets.

Bullets manufactured from plastics or ceramics are becoming more available. Find out if alternate materials could meet some of your range needs.

Commandment Number 7

When appropriate, introduce realistic training simulators.

These can be useful for new or “problem” shooters since they have no significant environmental impact. Some combined virtual and live-fire systems allow a seamless transition within a day’s training.

Commandment Number 8

Keep noise levels within a safe range.

To avoid hearing damage, one’s 24-hour noise exposure should not exceed 70 decibels.

Commandment Number 9

Divide your range into bays to allow modular cleaning and maintenance.

Keeping your range clean and well-maintained is critical, but it can be costly to shut down an entire range for the cleaning process. With separate shooting bays, your range can stay open for activity.

Commandment Number 10

Demand that shooters use protective eyewear.

With today’s ammunition and extensive use of jacketed or semi-jacketed bullets, there is an increased chance that a small particle can return towards the firing line and cause injury to the shooters. Requiring the use of shooting glasses or safety glasses is a MUST.

10 Commandments